Very English Harbour

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Thu 5 Apr 2012 00:19
Had a very nice five day stop over in English harbour. We moored just off the beach in the outer entrance with many other boats. Back home you would not dream of anchoring so close to other boats but seems needs must out here. The anchor was also very noisy as there were quite a few rocks on the bottom, but it quietened down considerably when we fitted a line to the top of the chain to dampen out vibrations.


Becca Norris got to see her first turtles and was also very fortunate to see a small pod of dolphins that circled the harbour one afternoon. There were also loads of large brown pelicans which kept free diving into the sea from considerable height and seemed very efficient at catching fish.


Catherine's cafe at Antigua slipway was popular late afternoon hangout and we had e very good meal at the Italian restaurant also at the slipway. Nobody seemed to mind us rowing ashore at nelson dockyard and we had free reign of all the facilities here and could also walk through to Falmouth harbour.


Suzy developed a morning ritual of rowing ashore and then going for an hour's run round the steep and very warm harbours.


On Sunday night we went up to  Shirley heights and climbed a beautiful trail that started just at the back of the beach. Food, beer and entertainment was very good but we took the easier choice of a taxi back to the beach.


On Monday we sailed back to Jolly Harbour to fill the water tanks and boost the batteries and settle into a relaxed few days round the pool pending the return of the glamorous girls to the UK