The Hooligans 37:45N 38:31W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Mon 28 May 2012 11:03
The hooligans came tearing in from the South again this morning - midwatch, 6.00am. There were twenty of them, racing through the surf - like bikers coming into town for a Bank Holiday weekend. They skidded round the stern and then spent 30 minutes 'beating up' the boat: - surfing on the bow wave, then playing 'chicken' with each other across the bow of Kantara. But they soon got bored (too soon) and headed back South.
I know we have seen a lot of dolphins on this trip, but they are welcome visitors first thing in the morning and are ever charming company whilst on watch.
To more mundane matters: crisis - we have run out of wine! Last night after a great days sailing on the asymmetric, Ian did a blend of the remaining designated 'cooking wines' to go with dinner: quite drinkable (we were desperate) but alas! - no more.....
Horta now 468 miles away - we are ready for a rest...