Slow Aussie! 20.14.511N 25.52.203W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Fri 25 Nov 2011 17:59
Another eventful day which started at am. We were passing a yacht and Joe called them up on the VHF, exchanged a few pleasantries with the Aussie skipper and then asked them if they had a problem because they were a 70' yacht doing 4 knots whereas we were steaming along at 9 knots. A long pause followed...apparently no problems but obviously a little peeved to be passed by a yacht almost half the size. The Aussie skipper must be related to Ricky Ponting because he sledged back that our tricolour looked white but of course it would from behind. Mike blames it on a dirty bottom but then he would, wouldn't he? After the ARC Joe will be booked into an etiquette clinic and the Aussie skipper will undergo counseling after being passed by a Pom yacht!
We made good progress, steady winds all night but no stars visible. We again threw over a lure and managed to catch supper just as we were hoisting the Asymmetric. Another fish that we cannot identify but looks tasty.
Our beards are coming along nicely and will be judged by Jason when we reach St Lucia. Bob Marley is playing and we might even have a glass of wine tonight. Joe and Mike are whipping up another gastronomic delight.
Happy to report no major injuries to either yacht or people.
Joe is leading in the hygiene stacks with his second on deck sea water shower. We have all had one so far and it is quite invigorating although not a sight for sensitive eyes!
The day is ending with a sloppy sea, dying wind and Jason on the helm.

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