Mid Pacific again

Bill and Caroline
Mon 8 Apr 2013 13:57
08:37.32S 115:56.69W

Only 1350 miles to go to the waypoint off the Marquesas, not far then…..

The winds have continued to be favourable (ESE/SE F4-5, occasionally 6) and the seas not too big. The sun is mainly shining and the odd clouds seem to slip by us.

Life on board has settled into the routine of watches, meals, fishing, meals, reading (pilot books and charts of course), meals, changing sails, meals, boat jobs, meals and trying to catch up on some elusive sleep. Needless to say, once again, we are not becoming svelte and sinewy on our ocean going travels. The previously planned activities of crocheting stunning blankets/ bags (to barter with) and becoming a proficient guitarist have yet to be fitted in.

The habitual twilight activity of watching the sun set hoping for a glimpse of the infamous 'green flash' continues with some exciting and optimistic moments on this vast ocean. None have however lived up to expectation and after over 2 years of sunset watching, not a single green flash observed. There's always tomorrow….