Day 17

Bill and Caroline
Sun 14 Apr 2013 16:57
09:30.13S 132:23.47W

The scenery hasn't changed much over the last couple of weeks. Plenty of sea, waves, water …. with the odd cloud.

Finally mastering the Sony Radio SSB settings has allowed us to hear about real time weather from the informal fleet of Trans Pacific yachts heading west. Position, speed, heading and weather are transmitted through the SSB net twice daily which helps (if you left later) to see what the weather is doing at different positions ahead of you and try to relate this to the weather files that we download ( much more helpful than our experience in the Atlantic) so that we can make decisions about our course (avoid cloud, rain, very windy, no wind, fishing nets ….).

The fishing unfortunately hasn't improved. Late yesterday a strange looking brown 'thing' that initially gave the impression of being weed was on the line. Reeling it in however, wasn't easy and it definitely wasn't weed. What ever it was escaped before we could have a closer look at it but not sure it would have made good eating.

No sightings of Gavin the Gecko and now wondering if he was a figment of the imagination after many days at sea.