Windward Islands

Bill and Caroline
Thu 28 Jun 2012 15:20
11:57.93N 62:04.46W
With the liferaft returned to us after servicing and provisions stowed we set sail south from Rodney Bay, northern St Lucia to Vieux Fort with St Vincent and the Grenadines planned for the next stop. The ugliest fish caught to date, a Pompano, was dispatched and eaten with Ken, Diane and their Canadian friend Nanci, over a rum or two.  
However, a diversion north was needed for dental treatment in Martinique, so back up the western coast of St Lucia and another stop in Le Marin, Martinique (making the most of the opportunity to replenish cheese and wine stores). The dentist was great but unfortunately couldn't finish the job so back down south to Grenada to complete the root canal. Anchoring in familiar places is very different - the customs and immigration, fruit and veg stalls, and the garbage dump take no time to locate. Tobago Cays was much quieter and the turtles still amazing to watch before the last kitesurfing opportunity off Frigate Island. 

 Grenada provided the most basic dental clinic with a very professional dentist who completed the root canal with no anaesthetics and minimal pain. Familiar faces in the anchorages gave us the opportunity to catch up on news and find out where people have got to as well as watch the England vs Italy game (not a notable highlight). Making the most of the time with friends has been really good and we're now on our way to new places once again. Leaving Grenada sailing downwind and fishing once again - this time a black finned tuna which was left gutted behind the boat to wash - and then eaten by something rather large that bit through the rope holding it.....