1076 miles to go

Bill and Caroline
Tue 3 Jan 2012 13:48
18:43.89N 041:33.80
Not seen land for sometime now, and while the ever changing landscape of the sea has its own beauty, it will be nice to see a different view on the horizon (e.g. palm tree and pina colada/rum and coke. We are counting down the miles as we go as we are approximately 2/3 of the way there. There have been so many flying fish to see - 2 have landed on the boat but too small to eat. The two Dorados have however, been very tasty. We all feel very clean today after our first shower yesterday when the solar showers were warm enough to use. The solar panels, wind generator and water maker are all working well, which is good. The usual trade winds (NE) have not been with us but the SE and ESE winds are blowing well and carrying us in the right direction. It has been mainly sunny with a few rain squalls passing through.