Fri 28 Aug 2009 06:40
50 42.379 N 01 13.18 W
25 August 09
We left Weymouth on Tuesday morning, 09:00 with the aim of making Studland early afternoon. The sailing was good, but the forecast was consistently F8 soon so we decided to aim for the Solent, for a worry free anchor watch free night. It was a good job the wind was increasing as we arrived at North Head just as the tide turned. 7.5 to 8 Kts through the water but only 3.5 -4 kts cog at Hurst.
For the second time in ten years we enter Yarmouth, and are rafted on the pontoon. With the discount scheme the cost of  £6  is excellent value including the cost of the waterTAXI for two.
Rushed out of Yarmouth early, as the boat on the inside wanted leave, 5 minutes warning !! ha ho we can cope. Slipped off the raft into  a side wind, turned around and motored to the empty buoys to tie up for an hour to tidy up, set inner forestay, and rig the No 3
Good sailing in 16 to 33 kts true, and Marie-Claire gets to try the No3 with a reasonable wind. When we last tried the wind did not exceed 5 kts.  Its a good sail, M-C is impressed.