Another Good day

Tue 7 Jul 2009 10:10
43 25.888 N  58 14.44 W @ 10:00 ut
Since the last report we have had in general good sailing, As usual its been mixed with one period with too little wind, so we used the time to charge the batteries and progress at 4 knots, It only lasted an hour and a half. With a clear skies or light patchy cloud the night was good and an enjoyable time to sit and contemplate the world, life and everything. The wind is still light and we are sailing above our best course to keep the genoa full, but the grib files still show the wind going through north to north east so we should be able to keep moving and make good the cross track error. There is still a long way to go,  so its a case of working the weather.
Having been two nights at sea we are both getting into the  routine and are developing sleep patens so we are not nodding off on watch at night . Although now we are into deep water there will not be too much shipping.
7 July 2009