slow progress to Halifax

Wed 1 Jul 2009 19:21
44 21.158 N  64 02.309 W
The cruising guide to Nova Scotia says its a fast trip in summer from seal Island to Halifax with the south west winds, well not this week , nest weekend for the marble head yes but today No, hard making more than 5 knots and than at 45 degrees off the waypoint. I will get there but it will be in the dark and probably foggy.  I have seen some land and through the mist it looks nice with fir trees and rocks.
I suspect that there are fish in the sea,  I need to check the lines more often. this morning the lures on the hydroplane had gone, something heavy  had opened the attachment and this afternoon the tail end of my "SHAD" a rubber fish was missing bitten clear off!,  I keep hoping for dinner to arrive but with the gear in board it has to be less than 10lbs of fish