30 july

Thu 30 Jul 2009 11:55
45 56.127 N  16 15.840 W
12:00 ut 30 July
It was a quiet night in all senses. we dropped to a boat speed of 3.5 kts but kept moving along, although on acourse with too much north in it but you hav eto keep the sails full of wind!. There was only one ship to be seen and that was just on the horizon 9.8 miles range. Beautiful starry sky after the moon set. and a good breeze filling in at 06:30 and after a gybe to get us back on a course with east in it we have been romping along at over 6 knots and at times 7 +. We will have to reef as the wind increased later this afternoon and are hoping for not much more than 20 kts wind.
Another day of good progress. do not know ho long it will last. In a day or so we will reach the 300mile barrier and the exact course will become critical  and at less than 100 miles it can become frustrating that  you are not able to make the direct course, Its not yet a time t be demob happy and book the restaurant !!