windy night

Tue 28 Jul 2009 12:12
44 04,034 N 21 22.42 W
12:00 ut 28 July
Well the wind came in as predicted and we got moving along at 7 kts for a while, then the wind increased beyond eth prediction and we saw more than 33 kts over the deck and 42 true wind speed. As we are not racing  I furled the genoa down to nearly storm jib size and we rolled along at 5.5 kts wind did 7 in the gusts which was comfortable with no risk of breaking anything.  better to loose speed than be uncomfortable and worry about the loading on the boat
It was a bit rolly anyway and I think Simon found it difficult to sleep as he rolled about in his bunk.  I can however sleep, as long as I am happy that the boat is in control and I know what each of the noises are. I did have to thing about a banking on deck , but found eth spinnaker pole had jumped off its cleat and needing lashing down,  after that it was quiet down  below. I have been ion worst anchorages.
sun it trying to break through and I hope to dry off soon when the rains tops.