Flamingo Lady heads for the Azores

Mon 6 Jul 2009 09:57
43 39.82 N  60.37.087 W
At exactly 12:00 UT, 09:00 local time Sunday 5 July 09  Flamingo Lady slipped the mooring at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron Halifax on passage to the Azores. After four days of fog, rain, mist and generally poor visibility  in Halifax it was at least possible to see the coast line and gain some idea of what  nice cruising ground it would be if the weather was normal.
The wind was 14-18 kts from the west and Flamingo Lady made good progress on a broad reach towards the lure of  a clear blue sky and sunshine on the horizon but not quite in reach during the afternoon although the sun did break through at times, a there was good North Atlantic weather, sun, wind to fill the Genoa from aft the beam and not many waves sending spray over the cockpit.  The best part of the day for skipper, Mike the opportunity to take an afternoon nap,  within 30 miles of land and ships,  without an alarm clock set .What a wonderful accessory a crew on watch is, what a difference it makes to sleep without one ear listening for an alarm.
Good ocean sailing and a new experience for Simon the return crew, Owner of the Camilla House Hotel in Penzance, he is usually limited to  afternoon sails in Mounts bay, although he has raced around the Isles of Scilly  and cruised the Caribbean during the  occasional holiday. And as a sharp eyed crew who enjoys sitting in the cockpit  taking in the sea view he has spotted a whale at about half a mile distance just breaking the surface and producing a small spout,
Some good sailing at night with the near full moon, a nice change to be able to see. but all things come to an end and the wind is dying and the wind vane is struggling to cope with the seas. so soon it will be the noise of the wheel pilot. if the seas flatten we will keep going under sail , not enough diesel to motor for many days
Lat: 43 39,82
Lon::60 37.128