First day out from Horta.

Sat 25 Jul 2009 18:28
40 27.025 N 26.33.844 W
We left Horta at 11:15 local time on the 24th July.   A slow start as eth promising wind was a local effect so we drifted at 2-3 knots past the western end of Sao Jorge, where we were progressing at fishing speed with our new squid lure, when Barry and Andrew cape past in Danah at motoring speed cooling the beer!!, We continued at fishing speed across the sea and  past the eastern end of Graiosa  as the sun set and daylight was lost.
The moon is now waning and set by 02:00 leaving a bright star light sky and wind enough to broad reach at 4.5 krts.  This has continued through the day with the wind reaching 22 kts true and boat speed up to 7 kts. all the right direction. We achieved 100 miles in the first 24 hrs and 113 miles 18:00 to 18:00 so nothing to complain about.
We are at the tail end of a front  and I can see some rain after which I expect the wind to go from 220 to 300 and lessen to about 15 true. so should still make good progress through the night
No fish yet too fast most of today, Plenty of time yet