Saturday 15th August

Sat 15 Aug 2009 19:29
50 23.96 N 003 30.81 W
Dartmouth was apparently very full, so we decided to go to Brixham having checked with Brixham Yacht Club if there was space on their pontoon.  So that's were we are tonight.  We discovered that the pontoon doesn't link to land and our dinghy stayed ashore for Mike's Atlantic trip (saved weight and it was unlikely to be used in the states), and the clubs bosun who usually runs a taxi service to shore isn't available tonight.  Not a big problem since we have enough food on board and its very pleasant sitting in the cockpit on a nice sunny afternoon and evening but couldn't get ashore to pay the mooring fee, you usually you pay the bosun. Since can't get ashore agreed with club that we would post a cheque on Monday to the yacht club for the mooring fees.  Its reasonable value at 45p a foot.