arrived in Halifax

Fri 3 Jul 2009 09:52
44 37.323 N 63.34.885W
I arrived at Halifax RINSES at 01:15 yesterday after a port entry on RADAR and Plotter in the dark. Gone are the days of waiting off shore until first light : although that may have been less stressful. 
I had been told that the Halifax port staff are very helpful and in for can guide you in step by step. This is true and as I was arriving  about 5 miles out I had a VHF call pointing out that I was passing a buoy the wrong side and was outside the main channel, so they are looking and helpful, and could see you in.  ( For those who doubt, I knew where I was,  I was avoiding the shipping including an outgoing aircraft carrier  by being just outside the channel)
Simon had waited on the pontoon to see me in which was useful as I could not see the entrance in eth dark and if he was not there I would have picked up a vacant buoy.
The RNSYC is friendly and helpful as are the members. Another active club with a lot of training programs and ways to get people on the water
When the mist and rain clears I will get to see what is a very pretty place!