Azores weather

Sun 12 Jul 2009 18:29
38 36.56 n 45 14.38 W
12 July 18:00 ut
About 02:00 this morning we began freeing up and since before sun rise we have had the wind between 90 and 120 degrees on the stb side romping along with something like 25 kts wind (wind instrument not accurate and low) and 6-8 knots boat speed.  The sea is ok with waves no more than 1.5 m and the swell on top about  0.5m all a little random so nothing is constant.
But its a fine day, what could be better than a fair breeze, full and filling genoa, one reef in the main and sunshine. and a course on target to our destination.  Even the spray is warm and the good news is we should get this for at least 24 or possibly 36 hours!!  if  so inclined you could get a suntan.
Some more lift and we see single flying fish  about sardine in size making flights of 60 - 80 meters at a time.
its good sailing long may it last