Off to the Azores

Sat 4 Jul 2009 20:25

 44 37.327 N 63 34.887 W

Tomorrow Simon and I set off for the Azores, and I hope some better weather. Here is Halifax its foggy and rainy. The Squadron are nice people and welcoming, with a bust bar but the pontoons are empty with only the odd person doing some maintenance or cleaning. They say it’s a beautiful place normally and this is unusual!

I am hoping for a fast passage from the murky air here to some clear sky’s and warm sailing and maybe a few smallish fish on the line. We will see.

Its odd having someone on board, I have to be tidy and offer to make the tea and ensure he knows where everything is as well as having enough space for his personal gear. I realise that I have tended to keep things where I can see and find them and but have expanded into every nook and cranny. I think he will cope with me and my ways.   

 I was pleased to see that Peter has finished the OSTAR he has achieved a lot with all the trials and tribulations, but kept going a great achievement and the same goes for Geoff who I hope gets eth wind to finish with in the 42 day time limit.