Tour of the Island

Wed 22 Jul 2009 18:00

We went on a tour of the island today. Hired a car and drove around using the basic map, which got us there but occasionally via some narrow roads.  

The volcanic history of the island is interesting and the visitor centre at the site of the 1957/58 eruption was educational and worth the visit. Amazing to see the effects of a new volcanic eruption. It also explains eth appearance of the  island as you approach.

The rock pools and volcanic rock is very different to anything I have seen before.

Working our way to eth main crater viewing point was interesting and at one point we took a wrong turn and followed a rough track through some different landscape  and different trees.           The most amazing view was the hydrangea in full bloom making blue hedgerows. By the  look of them there has to be some maintenance to stop the roads from disappearing under bushes.

Good views of the crater but it was  damp and cloudy. On a good day, sunny but not too hot,  the 2.5 hour walk  around would be worth the investment of time

There are far more people living here than I expected but I cannot quite work out  how they all make a living !!