10 July 10:00 UT

Fri 10 Jul 2009 10:31
39 08.766 N  51 06.904 W
Making progress East but still too much South in the course, but we are moving and making some progress. if we are south and east of the next developing depression we should get some wind from the west and head directly for the Azores, however do not want 34+ kts so hope to be far enough east to have a comfortable ride. But tomorrrow will see the wind go east for a while so will have to decide if to go north or south.
The sea temperature is now 24.4C and the air temp is 21C I have had to take the TRAX off as its too hot day or night.
I think the the humidity is a function of local effects and the low black cloud forms as the sun rises and goes as the sun sets which is why night sailing is so much better at present.