Wednesday 8th

Thu 9 Jul 2009 03:57
40 43.6 N 5413.809 W
Today has become overcast and hot with a mid afternoon temperature of 21 C air and 24C water. I  guess this the gulf stream not the Labrador current ! With the cloud and rain it is very oppressive not the ideal weather, I had a day like this going the other way the difference is that that came after a day at 5 C so everything was cool and running with condensation
We are 60 degrees off the wind with 16-18 kts over the deck, working into largest seas its certainly a uphill day and standing in the companionway it looks very uphill indeed,   South of the great circle route but still to the north of the rhum line, to the north of the developing depression and with a bit of luck the wind will go north drop but not dwindle to nothing.  But that's a day away
then  comes the night, what a difference  the night makes, the air is pleasant, the cloud clears and the moon arrives and its a step up in conditions and very enjoyable, ok after the 90degree wind shift and  reef and unreef as the wind gusted its enjoyable, nearly making up for eth horrid day!!