Sat 23 May 2009 16:31

Well what a surprise, Front page of The Telegraph (Weekend section) this morning. I did know there would be an atrticle, I was there when they took the photo,  but not that it would be a main feature, I will even forgive the caravan reference, which is atributed the the "Racing types" The good news i was wearing the good jeans not the wornout ones that would require photoshopping!!
Today is another pottering day, I believe that I am ready  to go, other than final packing /stacking and topping up of the water. I am more concerned that some competitors are frantically making changes and improvements and possibly I have missed something important. Well there is a month to fix it before Newport. Now the family has arived inforce I will have plenty of distractions and last minute bonding before a month in solitary. At theis stage amd asking for no more than one email from home a week, which may change when I have been away and settled in to the sailing routine.

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