Sat 15 Aug 2009 08:01
50 21.823 N 4 10.055 W
Sailed from Helford at 8 o'clock.   It was so peaceful and quiet that you didn't want to start your engine and break the silence but there wasn't enough wind to sail out from where we were.
Overcast and grey with low cloud and drizzle from time to time.  The wind was great SW apparent 8 to 10 knots so we had a very pleasant sail in company with a pretty gaff rigged boat Corncockle.  When the wind was lighter they went ahead when the wind picked up we did.  all in all a great sail.
Nice lunch of pasta and tinned sardines from Portugal.
Tied up in Mayflower marina at 4 pm. 
Met Bart one of the skippers from OSTAR briefly and then out for a meal at Jean and Martin's.  Nice to meet up with friends.
All in all a good day.
m-c and Mike and Flamingo Lady