13 July 2009

Mon 13 Jul 2009 11:44
38 18.877 N   43 06.531 w
12:00 UT 13 July 09
The wind continues to be helpful and we make progress  and Flamingo Lady is,  currently on starboard gybe making 080 magnet with a target course of 100 m
Very pleasant sailing although as yet not as hot as yesterday but its still early 09:00. The night was good  with clear sky's lots of moon and plenty of stars to gaze at. And only about an hours rain
Small problem with the monitor steering gear , the shaft broke!! it had been fatiguing for some time and just dropped off. the good news, the monitor rudder was tied on so it was attached to Flamingo Lady and we have a spare shaft as it is designed to fail in case of a collision with a solid underwater object.  It took and hour to sort out the fix and it was not easy refitting the  rudder assembly , would have needed some ingenuity if I had been single handed, may have even necessitates a swim, as it was I could get the location pin in position by climbing on the frame and hanging over the end. I did wear a harness and was attaches in two places.
Alls well now and we are moving along at 7 knots with a little rolling.