Gulf of maine

Mon 29 Jun 2009 13:03
42 17.15 N  68 39.95 W
Yesterday was a long day 04:00 start into a grey day with 2 miles visibility. could lay course to 5 miles south of the Cleveland channel than had to motor direct into wind to get to the Cape Cod canal with the east going stream. the stream runs at up to 4.3 kts so you have to go  with the flow.
Through the canal into a choppy sea and mile vis, a lonely sail to Cape Cod with a few pleasure craft appearing from the mist. No idea of the geography of the area so do not know where to expect traffic so have to be on watch all the time.
Unpleasant seas east of Cape Cod but able to sail.  Stayed awake until Flamingo Lady crossed the Boston Traffic Separation Lane,  After that with few ships I have got sleep on the basis of 30 mins sleep and 10 mins on deck three times the radar alarm went  off so I got up, but nothing closer than 2 miles.
133 miles to Seal island on a reach but expect the wind to increase in strength and veer to the east.
240 miles to Halifax.