Portland Marina

Thu 27 Aug 2009 18:15
50 34.19 N 02 26.92 W
16 August
We had a long motor  from Brixham to Portland, sunny day with  too little wind to sail until we were 5 miles from the bill inner passage, but it was a fun day in the sun  and a lot of opportunity to chat.
Portland Marina was great with lots of space and good facilities, and a I meet a fellow lunatic , well a contestant in the Jester Challenge 2010, who must be really mad!! but I cannot judge.
The restaurant was excellent and we had a good meal with old neighbors , Pat and Graham,  , now country bumpkins in sleepy Dorset.
And what a bus service, Portland to Weymouth every 7 minutes. we do not get that in the towns in Hertfordshire. The train back was good as well so a good trip.