wet cold and windless

Sun 26 Jul 2009 17:18
41 06 285 N 25 20.95 W
at 12:00 ut
The wind died last night and filled in in patches and in variable directions and from 2 to 18 knots gusting to 26!!. Bringing with it rain and drizzle.
We were struggling to keep the boat moving and tacking to keep the course some where near the  course of 050. You have to have good reason not to be on the making tack and having tacked in the past hour and its raining is not a good reason!!, well it settled down eventually and since about 06:00 we have been on port tack making about 5.5 - 6 kts. At about 09:00 the cloud cleared and its been sunny,  and since lunch have had a reef in the main and a few rolls in the  genoa.
The grib weather files say this will continue and then the wind will head us and lighten. I we gat far enough north it will begin to come from the west again. this is the start of the depression forming from the east.
In the mean tome its back to walking around at 15 degrees.  I am left how out of condition I have become. On arrival in Newport I could winch the genoa with my left hand, now I am back to two hands and standing over the winch!!.