Off we go again

Fri 24 Jul 2009 07:33
38 32.037 N   28 37.534 W
Today Friday 24 July we leave Horta and head for Penzance.
Yesterday we stocked food and water and as we go we will fill the diesel. After which Flamingo Lady will head north  clear of the islands , find some wind and then 050 ish to home. The weather looks ok with west or  southwest winds so it should be a reach. There is a depression but this will be to the north of us so we should not get anything unpleasant, although the seas may have built up.
Yesterday afternoon Andy Petty arrived on Jemima Nicholas (photo attached), so we had a good evening catching up and discussing our passages to the Azores.
This morning its breakfast then tidy the boat for sea, leeboards in and bunks setup for sea, and get things like the  grab-bag by the table  in its easy to reach place, Waterproofs and clothes where they can be found quickly and and the charts ready etc.
A casual departure as there is no deadline or tide or tidal gate to beat.

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