a day and a half away

Sat 1 Aug 2009 20:08
48 41.06 N 9 12.508 W
20:00 Ut 1 August
Its been a good couple of days sailing since  we moved out of the rain and into clear skies. It is enjoyable but nothing to report.  The wind has been a broad reach with reasonable waver and we have managed 140 miles a day with not too much work. Today in particular today has been bright and sunny with fluffy clouds. the wind is changing west from north so we have to adjust eth sails and steering vane every few hours but that it.
Earlier this afternoon  we crossed the continental shelf and are now in 200 m water rather than 4000m ,, as soon as we get to this point there were fishing boats and what I call pot markers, but bigger than those on the coast. these have radar reflectors and four big buoys!! not a thing to sail over. some then edge of eth shelf it has bee clear of shipping .
If we can continue this rate and looking at the grib weather files we should be able to, then Penzance on Monday. We will not habe a constant reach all eth way there and as we close the destination each degree of course becmes more important here +/- 5 degrees makes little difference as long as the boat is comfortable.
Well I am looking forward to a bacon sandwich the one thing I have been craving for !! then perhaps a beer!!