David Charity
Sat 7 May 2011 23:02
38:40.1N 046:04.8W
Dear All
Well here we still are, bashing to windward in 30kts of eastley wind. Maybe it's because we left on Good Friday or simply that baby Jesus doesn't love me. Either way we have only two choicecs of direction, we can either go to Greenland, or we can go to Senegal.
We spent the last severn days going to Greenland and today we tacked and are now off to Senegal.
Ensuenos norwegian heritage and build is proving she doesn't mind smashing into large and confused sea state. Luckily no more breakages. The spinnker pole almost went for a dance again and the galley bilge pump has given up the ghost.
Life below is most callenging. Even getting the computer out to type this message requires severe bracing and gymnastic ability, not to mention the endless torrents of water cascading through the starboard galley hatch.Dinner has been out of a can for the last week and meal time resembles a london soup kitchen as we all sit on the saloon floor with our head torches on spooning our hot slop from our dog bowls into our hungry mouthes.
My estimation for arrival into Horta is going to be at least another 8 days, maybe more. Despite all these woes moral remains humerous and cheery if somewhat slightly mad ( this does help!) We made a list of our most popular items on Ensuenos, clocking in at the top five 1. dog bowls 2. the saloon autopilot 3. the staysail 4.thermos mugs and finally 5. the hard drive full of movies!
Chin chin everyone ... come on the shrews
David we are recieving all your emails, sat phone rang today but we were tacking so couldn't answer it.
regards Ed