David Charity
Tue 22 Mar 2011 22:56
12:37.856N 61:21.425W
Dear All
We are now in the Grenadines in Tobago Keys where we have been for 3 days.This cluster of small uninhabited islands and reefs is as good as it gets.The beaches and snorkelling are amazing with stingrays turtles and many different coloured fish as our swimming companions.
The locals come to our boat in the morning and we can buy fresh bread,fish and fruit each day.Yesterday we had 2 red snappers and today we will be eating mahi mahi.Life on board is very pleasant and all the boats systems are working well and this adventure is proving what a good live aboard  Ensuenos is.
Before we came to the Cays we were on Union Island & Mayreau both small islands but with people.Mayreau we liked particularly the total population being just 300 and everybody seemed happy and were helpful towards us.The small amounts of money they earn selling fish etc to we boat people is very important to them.
Tomorrow we are off to Canouan half of which is a private island and then on to Mustique where we intend staying overnight and having "one" at the famous Basils Bar.
Will try to be more active with our diary now that our little" blip" with the computer has been sorted.
Hoping all is well at home.
Best regards