David Charity
Mon 11 Apr 2011 00:30
14:44.366N 061:10.69W
Dear All
It is now Sunday evening in Martinique and a quick update before our 4am start tomorrow.
We left our friends Andrew & Jackie in St Lucia yesterday to head north and we are now in a quite overnight anchorage in Martinique.
Today's sailing has been superb because the conditions have been so good,ideal winds and sea state and just very relaxing cruising.The real highlight of the day was English bacon sandwiches compliments of Coates Butchers (U.K.) Ltd.eaten in turquoise waters whilst admiring the passing coastline.There are certain things we miss and a good bacon sandwich is one of them.

We are looking forward to arriving in Dominica tomorrow and plan to do an island tour ashore to visit some special rain forests and waterfalls.Our sailing hours will become longer in the coming days to coincide meeting our friends Hank & Louise in Antigua in a weeks time.
During the last few days we have seen a hump back whale a pilot whale and been followed by lots of dolphins and  whilst all these things are happening around us we keep trying to catch a fish without success!
Trusting all is well back home.
D & L.