36:30N 42:07W

David Charity
Tue 10 May 2011 14:23
36:30N 42:07W
Dear All
For the first time in six days it is not necessary to don a set of wet oil skins, brace one self, time the opening of the hatch and step into the cockpit ready to take the first soaking of ones watch. Hallaluyah, its like having a holiday! The wind has dropped to a mere 12kts and the angry sea is calming quickly. More to the point the wind has switched to a northerly direction (albeit briefly) enabling us, for the first time in 9 days to actually aim at the Azores! Joy Joy. We can now sleep, dry our wet gear, open the hatches for some air, take a shower, and most importantly of all, eat some real food that does not empty from a can. Even as I speak, Sammy is baking fresh bread for rolls at lunchtime. The galley no longer represents a slippery ice rink on a steep slope, with a dangerous gas burner at one end. Tonight I am doing sausage mash and onion gravy a la Ed for our skando teenagers ( bless their little cottons) to appreciate some proper english grub.
It's still fairly sketchy to give an eta to Horta as believe it or not, after all this wind, we will be faced with virtually bugger all breeze for the next few days. Then unfortunately it starts to fill in from the east again! What can I do? Hey Ho, Life on the ocean wave. Seize the moment, with only 696 Nm to go, it's a mere walk in the park. I can here you all thinking why don't you use the engine? Simply because we only have less than quarter of a tank of diesal left! also with the prevailing sea state our motoring speed at 1400 revs is only 2.9kts... great. I never thought in 20 years of sea fairing that 4.2 kts would feel so good!
Anyhow, rest assured that spirits/humour remain high, it makes me chuckle that some wise old sailor suggested this trip would only take 17 days. Possibly yes, if we had a couple of polaris missiles ignighted and strapped to either side of Ensuenos.
Love to all