34:02.1N 48:28.4W

David Charity
Wed 4 May 2011 12:58
34:02.1N 48:28.4W
Dear All
Love to tell you its all plain sailing in gorgeous sunshine with dolphins playing on the bow, however its a bit grim grim, and judging by the latest grib files, its going to get grimmer! We seem to have our own personnal rain cloud following us. Wind is on the nose and is set to increase to thirty knots straight out of the east - joy. With just under a thousand miles to go, we would really appreciate any karma, shakra chanting, or some sort of religeous sacrifice on your behalf to provide us with either 1. a lovely southerly wind blowing about twenty knots or 2. another 1500 litres of diesal!
On a brighter note, we remain a happy little team, bonded together by our communal desire for steak and chips and all the trimmings, not to mention some fine ale. We were gifted with a spectacular sight last night when a large minky whale jumped clear out of the water at a distance of 150metres. Despite having seen many whales in our travels, I have never seen a breach (jump) like this before.
Ensuenos continues to bear up, a couple of cupboard doors burst open and needed repairing, the helm seat has sheared off its mount, nearly ejecting Martin into the ogin in the process! And the autopilot in the cockpit seems to be slowly giving up the ghost, or maybe its just demanding a holiday.
Any news on shrewsFC would be appreciated.
Love Ed