David Charity
Thu 28 Apr 2011 20:28
29:21.6N 059:43.2W
Hello All
After a good five days of lively conditions, smashing poor old Ensuenos into large seas with 20/25kts of breeze hard on the nose, it has finally quietened down a bit. Time for a clear up and our first shower!
Everyone is well and our scandinavian crew do not complain about the water pouring through their forepeak hatches, not to mention the galley hatches. Progress is steady at an average of 5kts. Skipper and first mate pulled off replacement of generator impellor, particularly tricky in the aforementioned conditions. Starboard running backstay snapped at a weak link (thanks Stephen!) but has also been repaired. We caught a young Barracuda approx. 5lbs but returned him to the sea. No Mr Whale as of yet, but many dolphins have happened by.
Iridium phone has been refusing to play ball until today but appears to be back online.
Ensuenos and all her systems are bearing up well, although she still requires alot of generator hours to top up the batteries despite the fact we are running with most appliances off. Quite a few rust streaks developing due to the amount of green water we are shipping over the bow. Nevertheless ship and crew stand fast and look forward to a fresh chicken curry tonight (a la sam)
Love to all