Ensuenos 26/11/2010

David Charity
Fri 26 Nov 2010 13:07
Dear All
We continue to make good progress and with main & genoa we were making 6/7 knots during the night before the wind dropped and since our speed has averaged 4 knots.
This is very relaxed sailing most of us spending the day on deck just enjoying the surrondings and the occasional beer.We could use our engine to improve our speed but we choose not to prefering to preserve our fuel for the later stages .The handicap we were given prior to the start has us ranked to finish 135 and if we finish higher than this it will be very satisfing.
I"t is now starting to get very warm the sea temperature being 28* and the air 30*and becoming more humid.
Whilst the butter melted yesterday we resisted the temptation to turn west but today we are moving in that direction(250*).The next weather report will be interesting because a South Westerly is predicated,
Our evening meals are extremely different in their country of origin and are being enjoyed by all .I think we have a secret Master Chef in the making with Gareth!
Our new watermaker is working well and each day we make 150litres enabling us all to have a good shower each day.We have yet to catch a fish but there is a good reason for this which we will tell you about later.(A real fishermans story with a difference )
Keep the sporting news flowing especially from Australia and of course DCFC.Cheering the Rams on in the middle of the Atlantic is as good as it gets !