The Official Opening Ceremony/Ensuenos 10

David Charity
Tue 30 Nov 2010 13:35
Dear All
As previosly reported the previous party bash had to be put on hold,This morning after a very good nights sailing and heading in the right direction for a change I was greeted on deck with a big surprise and the cermony was about to begin.
Around the canopy and on the stern baloons were flying and our speed had increased by1 knot as a result,There were bunting flags and a happy birthday banner in Spanish(Felicidades) for the uneducated and many presents to open.Dr Ron made a very moving speech as is his way to much laughter and applause.
We are now hunting the elusive trade winds and from the information we have think it could be another 36 hours before we find them but this is not certain.This years wind paterns are making everyones passage plans very interesting.Our original estimated crossing was 20 days but think 23/24 to be more realistic.All depends on how quickly we pick up the trades.Once we do the Parasailor will realy help move us along.
Thanks to everyone for the very special birthday cards and presents,l will always remember this one.
Everyone on board is fit and  well and send their best regards.
with best wishes