44:52.8N 024:10.2W

David Charity
Mon 23 May 2011 08:26
Dear All
Well our 38 hour stopover in Horta (Azores) consisted of 2 savage nights out on the lash where luckily we all ended up back on the right boat, in the right bunks with our feet pointing the right way. Memory loss was at some point incurred by all. During the day, despite the excessive hangovers, we achieved refuelling, victualling, replenished gas, bookswap, weather research, cleanup, customs and repairs. And so it was at 0900 on thursday 19th may,Ensuenos and her crew slipped out of the harbour and began her voyage north towards Blighty. It was a good job there was no wind and the ocean was like a mirror for the first 24hrs enabling us to recover!
On Friday afternoon the wind filled in at 15kts from the southwest and we hoisted the Parasailor. This day will also go down in history as we saw so many whales... we were bumping of them! Two particularly large 50ft fin whales seemed fascinated with us and the parasailor, swooping in towards us like underwater jumbo jets coming so close we had spray from their blowholes and I could have lept onto its back. Amazing.
Anyhow, that was then and this is now. Next time your regional weather presenter shows you all a weather picture of the UK, look over their right shoulder, just below Ireland and you will see a large depression . Well folks we're heading straight into it! It's already started to rain, the barometer is dropping into the ashtray, and it is time once agian to baton down the hatches and brace ourselfs. Hopefully we won't get 40kts but we probably will see 30. Joy Joy only 850 miles to go
Toot Toot Pip Pip