18:47.89N 25:15.19W

David Charity
Sat 27 Nov 2010 17:52
(Cue Geordie accent)
Diary 8 on the Beeg Brooother Booorrt.....
Ron is washing his underpants while the rest of the crew are sitting on the top deck wondering where the bloody wind has gone. For the past 2 days the wind has been non existant, despite the crew's diet of beans and chilli con carne. The boat is averaging 3-4 knts, so if the crew keep this up, they'll make St Lucia by 2012.
Diplomacy at Sea
As you may know, over 230 boats have taken place in this year's ARC sailing comp, composed of over 15 different nationalities. During the preparation stage at Las Palmas and over the course of the last week at sea (via the VHF radio and close encounters of the collision kind), it's interesting how certain traits start to immerge depending on each boat's country of origin. For instance, the Dutch are very friendly, the English are reserved and the Germans are serious. It is another nationality's sailoring vessle, however, that has provided me with the most intrigue (and vitriol!). In the name of British diplomacy, the nationality will stay private. It was an encounter with this boat in the early hours of this morning that particularly got my back up. There we were, minding our own business, when a squillion-foot mega yacht, under motor, came up a little off our stern ('rear' to those without a sailing dictionary) at twice our speed. Before we knew it, our radio was barking with a short yet stern seniority advising us, in so many words, that we were in his way. With true English resolve, we buckled immediately and changed course to let our big, brazen cousin through what can only be described as the narrow gap of the open ocean. In turn, our chivalrous gesture was rewarded with a polite, one-liner acknowledgement "see you at the finish line". Enough said.
X Factor
Today on the boat we are celebrating national Wagner day - Wagner being our hero from this year's X Factor on UK TV. In honour of him and his angelic voice, we are all growing our hair long, flashing our chest hair and wearing big medalions. We also ask all our friends and family at home to cast a telephone vote in favour of him during this evening's sing off. Please spare the £1/min call to help this vocally challenged man of monlithic proportions progress to the next stage. If for nothing else, to make Simon Cowel look like a **CENSORED**.
Roger the Cabin Boy, Out.
Sailing News - the wind is coming...
Tactics will now play a key roll in our progress as we seek better winds.Whilst a more direct route would be more westerly we have chosen to continue in a more south westerly direction in the belief that we will gain an advantage later as we hit the elusive trade winds. As we write this email the evidence would suggest this could be working for us. l should know working in the galley just now preparing dinner tonight at right angles. It's all great fun and very satisfying especially if you can "plate" it. When it starts to blow like this we bring out the "special" plates which are Dog Bowls which are brilliant for stability! You must think we are "barking" mad.
Have good weekends.
D Charity, Chief Strategist