Ensuenos/13 Sunday 5th December

David Charity
Sun 5 Dec 2010 14:42
13:41.34N 36:42.132W
Dear All,
We now have the trade winds behind us and today the weather is idyllic.The temperature is 32* with a 14 knot breeze and we are pointing in the right direction at 6knots.If this continues we are starting to think of an  ETA St Lucia around the 15th some 4 days behind our original estimate.
It has now been 3 days since we saw another sailing boat although this morning a tanker passed ahead of us on route from Venezuela to Gibraltar. Amazingly there have been 3 occasions when had we not taken avoiding action a collision could have been a real possibility. The most interesting happened whilst Gareth and I were on night watch.It was a very dark night and this sailing vessel just kept coming at us.When he(or she) was less than 1 mile away we decided to deploy the engine and proceed in an appropriate direction at great speed. At it's closest point it passed at just 100 metres.Gareth reckoned that had we had something suitable to throw we could have done to express our disapproval.(a rotten avocado would have been perfect). 
It is now 2 weeks since we left Las Palmas the fresh vegetables will last another 2 days and the fresh fruit until we arrive.Only one more day of cabbage coleslaw to go! The cabbages have been a real success and our meals continue to be interesting and varied especially when Ron decides to add some of his last minute un-planned enhancements.
We are enjoying receiving" most "of the sporting news especially that coming from Australia and particularly right now as we are racing an Aussie who was our neighbour in Las Palmas.We are banking on our superior experience and tactics to win the day!
Tomorrow "could " be fishing day so standby for some interesting news.
Keep well
Best regards to all