David Charity
Sun 27 Mar 2011 16:21
12:37.83N 61:21.42W
Good morning everyone,
We are now back in Bequia and it poured with rain last night but every where is now nicely refreshed.
We decided to sail straight to Mustique from The Keys as the wind was in the right direction but I can assure you there were still some large swells around!.On arrival at Mustique we moored on a buoy and then went ashore to see what Basils bar was like.The bar juts out into the sea and from the boat looks impressive, however when approached on foot it, looks from the side, a rather large old shack! Inside it was very large and full of character and the first person David and I met was Mr Basil himself !
That evening was "Jump Up" at Basils so we booked a table and enjoyed a hot buffet  with great music and dancing.The following day we hired a taxi to take us on the  one hour tour of the Island.It really is beautiful and so well kept with no crime on the  island. We saw Princess Margarets house and Mick Jaggers and all the beautiful beaches. The taxi driver told us the average house price was about 20 million US!
We left Mustique and returned to Bequia which is our favourite Island so far. Last night we ate in a locals house which was a delightful experience. Everyone here is so friendly.
Our plan is to leave here on Tuesday morning and to head north to Marigot Bay which is quite along sail but with many anchorage options en route should the weather change. From there our next stop is Rodney Bay to prepare for the arrival of our first guests.
Today we are having yet another lazy day on the boat just swimming, walking and relaxing.
Hope all is well with our friends back home (and abroad also).Please keep the emails coming ,its great to hear from you all.
Take care,
With Love,