Diary 18/Tuesday 14th December 14:00 UCT

David Charity
Tue 14 Dec 2010 14:32
14:35.74N 58:18.25W
Dear Diary,
We're are now just 175 miles from St Lucia and expect to arrive around 1600 UCT 15th/Dec.
Everything continues to go well, albeit we are a little slower than expected. In the middle of the night on Monday we had a big incident. We were sailing with just the parasail when suddenly the sail broke away from the head fixing at the top of the mast and fell into the sea. It was extremely dark and it was all hands on deck; getting the sail on board again was very difficult as it went under the boat. At this stage we do not know how badly damaged the sail is, we've just bundled it up and secured it on deck for now. This incident has affected our run-in, but moral remains high. Our thoughts are now of seeing land tomorrow, rounding Pigeon Island into Rodney Bay and crossing the finishing line.
With best regards,