39:54.4N 032:14.4W

David Charity
Sun 15 May 2011 19:34
39:54.4N 032:14.4W
Dear All
The last few days have been quite pleasant.The sun shine has appeared for the first time in a fortnight and it has been nice to be able to open the hatches and dry our stuff.The moon is not far from being full so night watches are also enjoyable.We have had quite a bit of whale action along with hundreds of dolphins.Other vessels appear once a watch indicating that we are actually drawing closer to the Azores and unlike my previous suspicions they are not actually moving futher away.Food has been playing a major interest and cause for excitment now everything has calmed down. Sammy has been going full pelt with the baking and the bread rolls no longer represent somthing you would find on a prehistoric archeological dig and more like somthing with "taste the difference" written on the packet at sainsburys.Tonight we are having pumpkin curry where we will be sacraficing the last tomato.
It is still a little difficult to give an eta at Horta but i will hazard a guess and say either wednesday night or thursday morning.we only have 187 miles to go but the wind is straight out of the east providing our two familar course options of either the Gamba west Africa or Greenland.We have currently gone with the greenland option as it makes life in the galley a little easier.Ensuenos wafts along between 3.7 and 4.5 knots giving us a vmg towards Horta of 2.3knts.Great....the joys of sailing.I have a very small reserve of diesel in the bank that i will deploy when i can smell  the cold beers or the crew decide to make me walk the plank.......cheers Tim and Jackie for the footy updates
Regards Ed