21:36.33N 21:21.78W

David Charity
Thu 25 Nov 2010 15:32
Dear All,
Just another blog entry to tell you all we are safe and well. The boat is sailing smoothly and the planned route seems to be working well for us. So far the route has been reasonably uneventful; still no immigrant ships, interesting wildlife or mutiny to report. During the days, the sun is shining bright (26-28 degsC) and the evenings have all been beautifully moonlit. Very awe inspiring - I would seriously recommend this to anyone if they get the chance.
As the majority of our blog audience won't know who is on the boat, I thought I would introduce the team:
David "the Owner" - the man who has made this all possible and chief strategist.
Likes: scones, cleanliness, winning, Brazil, avocado
Dislikes: coming last, sea gypsy boats that cut us up (they know who you are!)
Bas "the Skipper" - our experienced Dutch captain, race tactician and general Mr Fix It.
Likes: insanely sugary food, fixing stuff, engines
Dislikes: stuff not working, cooking, avocado
Ron "Long Ron Silver" - another experieneced member of the team and onboard doctor
Likes: a clean galley, sailor's yarns, trivial pursuit, avocado
Dislikes: living in his sauna-coffin-combo cabin, situated next to the heavy machinery that pounds away while he tries to sleep
Rich "the Speed Demon" - core member of the team that prides himself on a legendary spagetti bolonaise and god-like helming skills
Likes: hitting 8.9 knots in the dark while reading his book
Dislikes: avocado
Gareth "the Cabin Boy" *** - general dog's body, IT gimp and average cook
Likes: sleep, trimmed sails, factor 30 suncream
Dislikes: avocado, avocado, avocado (the food of the devil)
*** It's an exciting day for me. I have been rapidly promoted from Cabin Boy to Chief Black Bin Liner Technician. As a reward for my hard work I have also been given additional duties of Fruit Peeling Officer and Coffe Making Supervisor. If I play my cards right, I'll be Captain of the Heads before you know it.
For the sailing enthusiasts among you, we continue to head south-west to the Cape Verde islands at which point we will then head west to the Carribean, maintaining the expected downwind track with the trade winds. As some of you may have noticed from the map plotter, we've held back from heading too far west initially, and hence have been falling back in the rankings. Let me assure you this is all part of the BIG PLAN! We're staying east to avoid a low pressure system which is developing right on top of the boats to the west. This is producing south-westerly winds, i.e. turning the tailwinds into headwinds, making progress a lot harder (and rougher). We should hit the CV islands in a couple of days at which point the winds should improve and carry us along the home straight to St Lucia for tea and medals (and, we hope, an improvement in our rankings).
Speak soon and stay tuned.
Gareth "the cabin boy assistant's coffee stirrer"