Day 2 at sail on Arbella (ABP)

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Sat 26 Jun 2021 00:49
33.12.3 N  068.43.9 W 
Friday on the Arbella began with a tack at 6:05am to head northwest after a wonderful 18 hour sail wing on wing.  Wind speeds continue to suffice (10-15 knots) thus negating the need to motor.  The fishing line continues to bring forth bountiful seaweed, however, we continue to anticipate a large tuna or other edible fish; hoping the Gulf Stream will deliver tomorrow.  We welcomed the company of 3 boats on the radar today, all at a safe distance yet a reminder that we're not completely alone out here. Great day visiting and hearing Will and Nick's stories of their incredible sailing travels all over the world; Ahab's got nothing on these two. Captain Mike is keeping the crew honest to the watch schedule and away from the Goslings.  Henry is continuing to enjoy his inaugural blue water passage, passing the time baking, playing his uke, taking his watch and getting shut eye when he can like the rest of the crew.  All in all a perfect day on Arbella, rounded out by Nick's evolving galley skills which brought forth a tasty shrimp scampi this evening.  Amy lucked out with a watch schedule that includes the sunrise, sunset and moonrise; the trifecta of an ocean passage watch.  Until tomorrow...
Crew of Arbella⛵