How will the Passage End....

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Fri 8 Nov 2013 05:17
20:40.41N 63:44.65W A Passage of extremes....from 30 knots and 8 foot
seas in the beginning to "oily sea" and "0" wind yesterday....from a worry
that we would see 40+ knots and 12 foot a worry that we are going
to just drift on to the Anegoda reef tomorrow night! In the end this will
probably be a 1700 mile passage, when just under 1500 was expected. We
wonder how this will finish. At 6pm last night, with calculate, measure
and recalculate, and no wind, we expected to run out of fuel at the West end
of Anegoda at 2200 tomorrow. But, about 10pm last night, the wind picked up
to about 8 knots, so our fuel consumption went down, and our speed
increased, and we now expect to get past Anegoda...but still be about 30
miles short of Road Town when fuel runs out. We are even reaching out to
our friends in Tortola to see if we can get a launch to meet us with some
"jerry cans" of fuel....15 or20 gallons would be word yet. Cap
was going to make a pork tenderloin for tonight, but...we have no
propane...we settled for pizza in the microwave. Spirits are still high as
we enjoy a fantastic full starlit sky tonight, slow swells and no ripples
or waves during the day, and the first bird coming out to greet us about
4pm....we are also fishing and hoping to land some for our freezer so Vicki
and I can have fish when we return! Yes indeed...It is time for this
Passage to end!! How do you think this will end? Captain Mike