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Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Thu 16 Aug 2012 17:01

It was quite a relieve to get through the worst....but we then found out that a second front was heading our way!  We called Kinsale Yacht Club and they said they would "open" for the daylight, and they would make room for us, before the next front hit.  So we went to weigh the anchor....all the chain came up fine, but when the anchor was straight down from the bow, it would not budge...clearly, it was VERY dug in from the night before!  We worked for 30 minutes, and deployed a couple of sailor's tricks, and finally raised it....covered in one huge blob of dense mud!!  But that is what we had hoped for the night before!  By 11:45 we were finally on our way.  We went as fast as we could, we had ALL sails up, current with us, and assist with the engine...we were "hauling"!  We had 35 knots and 10 foot seas, all on the starboard quarter, the entire way back to Kinsale.  We arrived at 3:30pm, doubled up our lines....and settled in for a restful spaghetti dinner aboard!  Kinsale is very protected from the south, so we expected to be just fine as the next front rolled across....and indeed we were!  Mike

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