End of Day 1...entering the Gulf Stream

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Thu 31 Oct 2013 06:00
36:00.0N 74:32.9W With conditions VERY MILD (flat seas, 5 knots wind, out
of the south) and warming temperature, we are probably entering the Gulf
Stream. The best indicator of that is that sea water temperature has jumped
from 68 to 84 deg F. And this is about where Commander's said we would see
it. We will show be heading straight east to get through the stream, and
then head southeast toward the BVI's. The Stream is probably about 50-75
miles wide at this point, so we will be through by noon. Then the air
temperature will turn even more mild....we can drop the foul weather gear!
The Gulf Stream comes up from the Caribbean, going close to Florida and the
Carolinas, and then, just past the Chesapeake Bay entrance, it veers right
and begins to divide and separate as it head to Ireland!....the current in
the stream can be 3-5 knots to the northeast....with winds out of the north
(which is coming in a couple of days), this can produce 'elephant waves' as
the wind and the water are flowing in opposite directions..... we are glad
to be avoiding these conditions! And now our hope is that we can move
faster than the front that will dip down toward us. Unfortunately, at this
point, we have NO WIND to rely on, so we are motoring. We carry enough fuel
to motor for about 5 days, so, clearly, we need to SAIL for most of the
trip. We are very glad to be in front of the bad weather; moreover, the
latest from Commander's confirms our judgment to 'GO NOW', since rough
conditions are likely to drag out and last longer than anyone anticipated 24
hours ago!!