Whoa! It is looking bad out there!

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Wed 30 Oct 2013 10:05
37:59.36N 76:14.9W As we pass the entrance to the Potomac River,
Commander's Weather has provided us another update....the forecasted weather
outside the Bay is looking much worse. Winds of 25 knots and waves of 11
feet out of the southwest, and extending into Friday. So we may be looking
at a Friday mid-day or later departure. We needed to stop for fuel at the
bottom of the bay anyhow, so it now looks like a 2 night layover in Hampton
Roads waiting for the front to pass. While 'Arbella' could certainly handle
this, this crew is not eager to get into such conditions right off the bat!