The Oyster team arrives....already!

Wallace's Sailing Adventure on "Arbella"
Mike and Vicki Wallace
Mon 12 Nov 2012 19:00

I barely had my bags unpacked, when the Oyster Tech team arrived this morning.  Four very professional guys....Paul, Eddie, John, and Gavin...came aboard to carry-out their pre-ARC inspection of the boats systems.  Oyster provides this as a gratis service to all the Oysters in the ARC (looks like 24 this year out of 218 entrants....more Oysters  than any other boat builder).  The team spent 3 hours quickly moving through every system, running all the equipment, and confirming or adjusting things being "just right"!  Unbelievably thorough, efficient, and great knowledgeable guys....I engaged continuously to learn more about the boat equipment and systems, and benefited from dozens of quick tips!  With some minor warrantee items to be addressed, the schedule and contacts are also setup for the others from Oyster who will follow later in the week....Adrian and George, along with technical guys from the major suppliers of our equipment, arranged by Oyster, including: Roland from Lewmar; Carlos, and Justin from Raymarine; Lee from Foxy's; Alber from Formula; Mathew from Dolphin Sails; and the Oyster riggers for their topside inspection of all the the next two weeks go on, the boat will getting a top-to-bottom physical!!